In 1961, our journey began among People, Innovation, Technology, Territory, Internationalization, and Culture. Thanks to the pioneering vision of Dr. Roberto Bucci and Prof. Vladimiro Fabbri, the first IEMCA bar feeder was born, marking the beginning of a unique and unforgettable story.

For over 60 years, IEMCA has been an undisputed global leader in the design and production of automatic bar feeders for lathes. From the outset, IEMCA has aimed to offer the best product on the market, serving its customers with passion and consolidating its position on the international stage. The success and excellence achieved are the result of the commitment of every individual involved from day one. As in the past, today IEMCA is committed to providing the highest quality on the market, fostering the growth of young talents and supporting research and innovation to adapt to a constantly evolving world.

"By doing our job well and supporting our partners' growth in a competitive global market we, in return, will grow along with them."

Massimo Bucci

To increase productivity via excellent products and solutions for the automated factory of the future.

To envision the future of automation for machine tools in order to create the best performing solutions for users via constant cooperation with all the players in the industry.

Our shared values are the reference point for all the activities and actions of each person and collaborator of our company throughout the world:

  1. To take care for our clients and serve them with great passion.
  2. To think in innovative ways in order to be unsurpassable.
  3. To encourage the involvement of everyone in their work.
Worldwide Organization
In addition to its headquarters based in Faenza, Italy, IEMCA has production sites in the USA, China, and Taiwan, as well as commercial branches in France, Germany, Brazil, and Japan, and commercial partners who operate in 30 different countries, from North Europe to South Africa, from South Korea to India, from Turkey to Australia.

The strength of IEMCA lies in its organization of 550 people who are committed to their profession, listening to and serving clients, and studying innovative solutions that integrate advanced technology and ease of use. More than 50 years of commercial success worldwide testifies to the level of technological excellence achieved through effective and enthusiastic work from our team, which still continues today!
Always a pioneer in the field with of technological innovations and attentive to both the needs of the industry and of the workers, IEMCA is the first and only bar feeder manufacturer to have obtained the certification of ergonomics.

IEMCA is always looking for innovative solutions not only to increase companies’ productivity but also to improve the relationship between the user and the bar loader and to guarantee safety of the operator, minimizing the physical and cognitive efforts. That's why IEMCA has worked for years in the development of bar feeders designed respecting the strictest international standards of physical and cognitive ergonomics, in order to facilitate the employee and reduce risks for companies. To date, IEMCA is the first and only manufacturer in the world which produces bar feeders who managed to obtain certification of ergonomics for its products.
IEMCA has the ISO 9001:2015 - ISO 14001:2015 certification and operates in accordance with international laws in terms of quality and environment.