Sir 36

Simple, Flexible, and Superfast

The SIR 36 is an automatic bar feeder for multispindle lathes with 6 and 8 spindles. It's perfect to load bars of diameters between 5 and 36 mm and a length between 2,500 mm and 4,300 mm. SIR allows to nimbly charge bars and manage the recovery of the remnant, without the necessity to use the stock reel, and thus saving a lot of space on the ground. SIR is a bar feeder simple to use, it provides the maximum flexibility available on the market for the changeover of bar diameters (thanks to IEMCA patent of adjustable bobbins). It guarantees to reach the highest speed rotation. It is available with either multi rack magazine (11 bars + 200 mm) and with a bundle magazine (2 tons).