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Increase your productivity with IEMCA Superfast Technology


IEMCA Superfast Technology

IEMCA aims to constantly increase the productivity of its customers by designing high-performance bar feeders, able to support any type of lathe or turning machine in the best possible way.

The exclusive Superfast Technology present on IEMCA bar feeders drastically reduces non-productive time during the production cycle, consequently gaining a significant increase in productivity. IEMCA Superfast Technology indeed reduces two key time values determining the performance and productivity level of a bar feeder/lathe set-up: bar changeover time and headstock idle time.

BOSS 338 Superfast: cutting-edge technology for the market leader since 1991

Superfast Technology developed by IEMCA finds its maximum expression when applied on the Boss 338 Superfast bar feeder, the perfect choice for sliding headstock lathes.

Boss 338 Superfast ensures maximum reliability without compromise: continuous improvements of the product, attention to details and over twenty years of history - and research - have allowed Boss range to set the quality standard for the market in any work situation. The application of Superfast Technology on Boss 338 means substantial reduction of bar changeover time and elimination of headstock idle times, therefore an average productivity gain equal to 4%.

+ 4%*


0,1* s


20* s


Bar changeover time drastically reduced

Thanks to Superfast Technology, average bar changeover time for Boss 338 bar feeder is reduced by 37%*: from more than 30 to 20* seconds, through the use of a new work cycle and new components.

The new software guarantees the optimization of the entire work cycle and the sequences making it up, by increasing its execution speed. Moreover the machine is equipped with the highest quality components available - like motor and PLC - supplied by worldwide leaders in the industry: the speed - and the productivity - of the bar feeder are once again maximized.

Headstock idle times eliminated to zero

Headstock idle time, imposed on the lathe by the synchronism device when the collet opens and closes, is reduced even up to its elimination.

Thanks to the new PLC with faster cycle time, the higher software execution speed on the bar feeder makes it possibile to register an average headstock idle time equal to 0,1 seconds - such a low value that it can be considered zero.

Iemca Superfast Technology infographic

The data are based on specific actual situations. Please contact us in order to receive an estimate for the productivity increase in your specific case.

A concrete example

What can Superfast Technology actually do for you?

Let's consider a IEMCA Boss 338 bar feeder, a bar changeover time of 20 seconds* and a headstock idle time near 0*. If you work 55 mm long pieces and the cycle time is equal to 25 seconds, IEMCA Superfast Technology allows a 4%* productivity increase over a one-year period, meaning an economic benefit for your company.

Get in touch with us immediately in order to receive more information about IEMCA Superfast Technology and an estimate for the productivity increase in your specific case.

*Average values.