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Automatic bar feeders dramatically improve productivity from turning operations. By eliminating manual loading, they maximize time in-cut and let one operator supervise multiple machines. A bar-fed lathe can run unattended for hours — even through an entire shift — enabling lights-out machining that cuts costs and increases capacity.

The first automatic bar feeder in the world was built in Faenza in 1961, by IEMCA! We have the largest range of bar feeders in the market and, with our team of more than 500 employees, we are able to provide world-class support to our clients. We also offer used IEMCA bar feeders for businesses looking to make stretched capital budgets go a little further.

Bar Feeders Are Essential in Volume-Turning Operations

A bar feeder eliminates two, sometimes three, operations. There's no sawing bar stock into short lengths, no manual unload and load, and (in some cases) no finishing or secondary operation. Loaded with bar stock, when one part is finished and cut off, the bar feeder pushes a new length through the chuck. Nonproductive time goes from minutes to seconds!

In high-volume turning, bar feeders offer these benefits:

Increased productivity

Instead of running with one operator per lathe, one person can tend to multiple machines.

Eliminate sawing before turning

Just load bar stock into the feeder, and it's ready to run.


Rather than relying on manual location in the chuck, the bar feeder indexes the same length of stock each cycle.

Increased capacity

With less time on material unloading and loading, a bar feeder lets your lathes spend more time making chips.

Unattended operation

Bar stock consumption depends on the length of the parts being produced. When parts are short, a single bar may last an hour or more. Install a magazine bar feeder, and it could run unattended through the night!

IEMCA Boss with Caddy-F Bundle

IEMCA Boss with Caddy-F Bundle

Applications for IEMCA Bar Feeders

Industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, medical, industrial equipment and consumer goods can all benefit from bar feeders. A bar feeder will mount to almost any CNC lathe, screw machine or Swiss-style turning machine. Bar feeders excel in volume production of small parts from bar stock. Hydraulic system components, screws, bolts, connectors and even watch parts are all produced on bar-fed lathes.

Bar feeders don't just handle cylindrical bar stock. Hexagonal and even square bar stock can also be bar-fed. (We recommend discussing specific geometries with your bar feeder manufacturer.)

There's no limit on the type of material a bar feeder can handle. Mild steel, stainless, even non-ferrous materials such as copper and aluminum can easily be bar-fed.

Bar feeders are used mostly for smaller-diameter bar stock. IEMCA builds feeders for stock ranging from 0.3 mm up to 100 mm.

IEMCA Bar Feeders

IEMCA Bar Feeders

Connect With IEMCA

IEMCA is the original automatic bar feeder company, and we'd suggest our knowledge and experience is unrivaled. If you're turning parts in high volume and not using bar feeders, talk to us. We'll explain how our bar feeders will boost your productivity and lower your costs. If you're not using IEMCA bar feeders, we'd like the opportunity to explain the benefits our products offer. Contact us today.