Used CNC Lathe Bar Feeders
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Buying a used CNC lathe bar feeder is a great way to cut costs and increase capacity without breaking the capital expenditure budget. Used bar feeder machines are steeply discounted from new. That helps your capital equipment budget go further, while lowering costs and growing your business.

Reasons to Consider a Used Bar Feeder

A new IEMCA bar feeder gives many years of reliable service. A used bar feeder won't have quite so much life remaining, but neither will it cost as much. Plus, you may be able to get it faster than a new machine.

Here's why it might pay to buy a used bar feeder:

  • Lower initial price, which may make for an easier capital expenditure approval process
  • Buy more equipment with the same budget
  • Lower depreciation, reducing the cost per piece produced from the lathe
  • Lower costs may allow more competitive bids for new business
  • When the new equipment has a long lead time, buying used lets you realize savings sooner
IEMCA Bar Feeders

IEMCA Bar Feeders

Finding the Right Used Bar Feeder

There are a lot of used bar feeder machines from which to choose. The right machine will help improve productivity, cut costs and increase capacity. The wrong machine will quickly become a depreciating dust collector. Buy the right used bar feeder for your business, and not just the cheapest.

Consider the following factors:

Compatibility with your CNC lathes

Multi-spindle, single spindle, fixed headstock or mobile — you know your lathe's construction, so choose a used CNC lathe bar feeder that will work with it.


IEMCA bar feeders are available for stock up to 20' long, but can you fit a machine that big in your plant? One of 12' or even 6' might be a better choice, even if it doesn't yield quite the same productivity gains.

Bar diameter

You know what you'll run on your lathes, choose a matching bar feeder.

Capacity required

Are you looking for a single tube machine or a magazine-style bar feeder? Don't overlook weight. Long, large diameter bars can quickly add a lot of mass.


Modern bar feeders are highly sophisticated machines produced in a wide range of styles and designs. A specialist will be of more help with your purchasing decision than a general used machinery dealer.

IEMCA Bar Feeders

IEMCA Bar Feeders

Talk to the Leaders in Bar Feeding Technology

You could go to a machinery dealer for a used CNC lathe bar feeder, but why would you? In addition to our extensive range of new machines, we offer great deals on end-of-line and used bar feeder machines.

No one knows bar feeders like IEMCA. We've been designing and building them since 1961 and have delivered over 100,000 bar feed machines. With our global reach, we're able to support machines anywhere in the world.

Companies producing turned parts rely on IEMCA bar feeders to maximize productivity from their machining operations. We have machines to satisfy every type of volume turning operation. Whether you use multi-spindle, single spindle or Swiss-style lathes, we have a compatible bar feeder that will lower your per-piece costs and make you more competitive.

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