Precision Part Manufacturing

Bar feeders play an important role in precision part manufacturing, enabling manufacturers of turned parts to remain efficient and competitive in production. A bar feed system for production turning enables stock to be continuously fed into the lathe for an entire shift or longer, significantly reducing the amount of labor required to produce high precision machined parts.

Bar feeder machines for part manufacturing offer a range of properties and functions, varying in the types of turning machines they suit, their capacity, their footprint, the type of material they can handle, the stock shape and more. The right bar feeder for one machine or application will not necessarily be effective — or even usable — for another. It is critically important to find the appropriate bar feeder for your project and facility so you can realize the maximum benefit possible from this equipment.

IEMCA offers a wide range of precision part manufacturing bar feeder systems, including used bar feeders, and backs them up with our expertise, exceptional service and decades of experience. Count on us to provide the right bar feeder for your precision part manufacturing needs.

Tsugami BO325 and IEMCA Boss 338

Tsugami BO325 and IEMCA Boss 338

The Benefits of Bar Feeders

Precision part manufacturing companies gain a number of benefits from using bar feeders to increase automation and expand capacity. These include:

Improved productivity

Bar feeders are able to continuously load bar stock into the machine at a constant, high rate of speed without errors or breaks. This significantly improves the productivity of the facility, offering immediate capacity and output increases and allowing you to utilize workers more efficiently.

Cost savings

The investment in a bar feeder is paid back beginning immediately, and labor costs are greatly reduced even as production increases. These savings enable you to remain competitive in the marketplace, meeting the cost expectations of customers and prospects.


Precision part manufacturing bar feeder systems operate consistently in every cycle, ensuring that production continues without shutdowns or part rejections.


Using a bar feeder limits the worker-machine interaction and thus attenuates the inherent risk. A bar feeder also reduces the potential for repetitive motion injuries.

Increased capacity

With production occurring more efficiently and at a higher speed, you are able to increase capacity without adding new production machinery. However, new machinery with bar feeders is able to exponentially increase capacity to keep up with demand.

IEMCA Maestro 80

IEMCA Maestro 80

Bar Feeders From IEMCA

IEMCA built the world’s first automatic bar feeder in 1961, and we remain dedicated to innovation, service and meeting customer needs. Our decades of expertise have put us on the cutting edge of innovation, enabling us to help our customers remain competitive in today’s manufacturing environment. We offer a vast range of bar feeders, and are available to help you select the correct one for your equipment and your requirements. Search our inventory or contact us today to discuss your needs.

We are a member of the Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA) and are dedicated to serving and improving the precision machined products industry.