Consumer Products Bar Feeders

A bar feeder increases lathe productivity. For maximum benefit, the bar feeder should be optimized for the parts and materials being machined. Manufacturers turning parts for the appliance and consumer products industries will maximize ROI, quality and equipment uptime by purchasing the most appropriate unit for their jobs. A consumer products bar feeder is optimized for the material types, dimensions and profiles being turned.

Bar Feeders Are Not Identical

Appliances and consumer products use turned parts such as shafts, spindles, couplings, studs, pins, custom fasteners and threaded rods. To remain competitive in these markets, cost-effective production is essential. That’s what consumer product bar feeder systems provide.

These parts are turned from a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Copper and brass may be as common as stainless and carbon steel, and hexagon and square profiles are alternatives to round. Bar feeder machines for consumer product manufacturing must handle the diameter and weight of this bar stock, along with the rotational speeds needed for high-speed production.

IEMCA makes bar feeders for every type of lathe application. Whether you're machining automotive parts or turning miniature screws and studs, there's one to suit. If you're in appliance manufacturing, bar feeders can ensure success. Used bar feeders are also available through IEMCA.

Citizen Cincom L20 and IEMCA Elite 220

Citizen Cincom L20 and IEMCA Elite 220

Bar Feeders Benefit Consumer Product Manufacturers

A bar feeder:

  • Cuts lathe loading time to almost zero
  • Eliminates the labor needed to load material

Time savings depend on the size and complexity of the parts being turned. Components for consumer products and appliances are always good candidates for bar feeding because material loading time often makes up a big proportion of total cycle time.

The benefits of consumer product bar feeder systems include:

  • Increased labor productivity — one operator can service multiple lathes
  • Higher machine utilization with less time spent waiting for loading and being loaded
  • More capacity may free space for additional business
  • Higher productivity can reduce overtime working
Mori Seiki NZX 2000 and IEMCA Master 880

Mori Seiki NZX 2000 and IEMCA Master 880

Why Choose IEMCA Bar Feeders for Consumer and Appliance Manufacturing?

We built the world's first automatic bar feeder more than 50 years ago and since then have delivered thousands of machines to manufacturers around the world. Close relationships with leading lathe builders mean our bar feeders work in harmony with your turning equipment.

We build the widest range of machines in the market, engineered to exceed the expectations of customers in the most demanding industries. Reliability is paramount in appliance manufacturing bar feeders and our machines will not disappoint. Plus, with more than 500 employees and a global reach, service and support are available from IEMCA whenever and wherever you need it.

A consumer products bar feeder is optimized for the type of part being turned. Our search tool will help you find the IEMCA bar feeder best suited to your application. Put it to the test or reach out today to learn more.