Bar Feeders

For more productivity from turning operations, bar feeders may be the solution you need. When equipped with the right bar feeder, a lathe spends more time cutting and less time waiting for unloading and loading. One operator can tend multiple machines and output per machine hour rises. That’s more capacity and money saved, but only if you have the right bar feeder for the job.

Evaluating CNC Bar Feeders

It starts with the lathe. Your CNC bar feeding machine must be compatible, in terms of controls, spindle bore diameter and headstock. Buying a bar feeder without considering your turning equipment will likely cause difficulties.

Consider bar diameter — what range of sizes you will run — as well as length. Longer bars mean more unattended machining time, but the feeder will take more floor space. Remember that longer bars are heavier, too, which can increase total load considerably, especially if you go for a magazine-style CNC lathe bar feeder.

Magazine or single tube? The former could enable lights-out operation while the latter is ideal for shorter production runs. Don’t forget, though, single tube bar feeders may need more floor space owing to their feed mechanism.

There are different types of feed mechanisms, all with positives and negatives. Talk to IEMCA to understand what best suits your operation.

IEMCA Bar Feeders

IEMCA Bar Feeders

CNC Bar Feeders From IEMCA

Turning operations and lathes take many forms, and so do bar feeders. IEMCA offers a wide range of bar feeders to suit the machining needs of manufacturers in a wide range of industries. For those looking to stretch capital budgets a little further, we also sell used bar feeding equipment.

Industries Benefiting From Bar Feeders

Bar feeders are used in volume-turning operations, although even smaller quantity orders can benefit. CNC lathes, screw machines and Swiss-style turning machines are all good candidates for bar feed automation.

CNC bar feeders are at work in many industries. Turned parts such as hydraulic system components, screws, bolts, connectors and even watch parts are all produced on lathes outfitted with bar feeding equipment. The major benefits are increased labor productivity and machine capacity. Other advantages include fewer injuries from less material handling as well as other savings from lights-out operating.

IEMCA Bar Feeders

IEMCA Bar Feeders

Talk to IEMCA for all Your Bar Feeding Needs

We built the world’s first automatic bar feeder in 1961, so it’s safe to say our understanding of the technology is second to none. Our machines are sold and used around the globe and supported by a worldwide organization.

Whether you’re turning stock that’s 0.3 mm in diameter or 100 mm, we have a CNC bar feeding machine for you.

Search for the bar feeder that is most suited to you using one or more of our search filters. In the case the research has not given the expected results, please contact IEMCA.