Automatic Bar Feeders

Automatic bar feeders raise productivity by letting lathes run unattended longer. More time in-cut means more machine capacity. Using a magazine-style automatic bar feeder for CNC lathe operations can even allow lights-out operation. Piece part costs fall, making your business more competitive and helping profits grow.

Benefits of Bar Feeding Automation

Add an auto bar feeder to a CNC lathe, and there’s no need for an operator to unload and load. The turned piece is parted-off and a new length of stock is fed into the machine. Repeat. One operator now tends multiple machines. Productivity rises while costs fall. If cycle times are lengthy and the bars are long, a lathe can produce parts through breaks. With a magazine-style bar feeder loaded with multiple bars, turning can continue through the night, which boosts your bottom line.

Eliminating unload/load delays means a bar feeder-equipped lathe spends more time making chips. That scales up to increased machine capacity, which means more work and lower costs per piece produced.

You’ll also enjoy more competitive quoting. When manufacturers put automatic bar feeders to work, they can undercut competitors and win more business. If you’re not using bar feeders yet, maybe they already are.

IEMCA Boss with Caddy-F Bundle

IEMCA Boss with Caddy-F Bundle

Auto Bar Feeder Applications

Bar feeding automation works for manufacturers making turned parts in volume. Most CNC lathes, screw machines and Swiss-style turning machines can accept a bar feeder.

Applications include hydraulic components, couplings, specialty washers, nuts, bolts and screws — as well as watch and machine parts.

IEMCA bar feeders are available for stock from 0.8 up to 100 mm in diameter, in ferrous and nonferrous metals. Bar stock is usually cylindrical, but can be hexagonal or even square. Talk to us if you have special or unusual requirements.

IEMCA Sir Heavy Duty

IEMCA Sir Heavy Duty

About IEMCA Automatic Bar Feeders

IEMCA built the first automatic bar feeder in 1961. Since then, we’ve delivered thousands of machines and have grown to employ over 500 highly skilled people. That means we have over half a century of experience and technical knowledge that’s unsurpassed. Our machines are robust, reliable and produced in formats to suit almost every turning operation.

We offer the largest range of bar feeders on the market, but search filters on our website make it easy to find exactly the machine you need. Don’t overlook the availability of used equipment. When capital budgets are tight or there’s an urgent project, a used bar feeder from IEMCA could be the answer.

Find a solution to your automatic bar feeding needs today. Start by checking the spindle bore diameter and type of headstock on your lathe. Then, use our search filters to find a bar feeder that’s right for your operation. If you want to reach a product specialist, don’t hesitate to contact us.