Veľtrhy& Udalosti 31/05/2022




After two years of forced break, IEMCA OPEN HOUSE is back. The event held in Via Granarolo 167 hosts every year hundreds of guests coming from all parts of the world. The IEMCA plant opens again its doors to visiting customers: the perfect occasion to meet in person again and discover the new IEMCA products and services for the bar turning sector.

During the event IEMCA celebrated the important milestone reached by the company last year: 60 years of business activity (1961-2021).

From Thursday, May 26th to Saturday, May 28th IEMCA welcomed customers, partners, students from secondary schools and universities, local institutions, employees and their families. The guided tours let the guests get closely in touch with the productive heart of the plant - the largest one in the world for the manufacturing of bar feeders - showing them all the stages required to develop an IEMCA product.

The Open House has been a great success in terms of visitors: 250 customers coming from all over Italy, 200 foreign customers from every part of the world - including Brazil, France, Switzerland, USA, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Canada, Costa Rica, over 200 students from secondary schools and universities. The guests were quite enthusiastic to observe the new IEMCA solutions regarding automation and machining operations, confirming once again innovation has been part of IEMCA's DNA since 1961.