Ярмарки & События 24/05/2017





IEMCA Open House has been a successful experience. The Fifth Edition of the event took place from May 11th to 13 th in the historic plant of Faenza, via Granarolo 167. It involved lathe manufacturers and dealers and IEMCA's trading partners who exposed their machines in the exhibition area of IEMCA's production line, and allowed customers, institutions, students and citizens to know more about IEMCA's world.

Three days of activities

On Thursday ,11th May, IEMCA welcomed a hundred customers coming from all over the world: Austria, China, Germany, France, Poland, UK, Czech Republic, Romania and Switzerland.

On Friday, 12 th May, over 450 Italian customers visited IEMCA to see its production lines and organization, the latest innovations in the field and IEMCA Industry 4.0 plan.

Also some classes of IPSIA-ITIP “Luigi Bucci” secondary school came to the event to visit the plant and to know more about IEMCA, an international company which is always looking for new talents.



On the last day, Saturday 13th May, it was possible to take part to guided tours through the machines assembly areas of GIULIANI (leader in the production of machine tools) and the production lines of RIBA Composites (a dominant company in Europe in the designing and production of carbon fiber components).


Visitors had the chance to touch IEMCA's production lines, partners’ booths (Algra, Avia and Iscar) and to see various applications of barfeeder+lathe either for sliding and fixed headstocks, such as:

  • Iemca Elite 220/32 with Star SR20IV
  • Iemca Boss 338 HD Superfast with Hanwha XD20V
  • Iemca Elite 112/32 with Citizen R04
  • Iemca Master 80 HF with DMG Mori NLX 2500 SY/700
  • Iemca Boss 338 HD Superfast with Tsugami BW 208 E
  • Iemca Smart 320/32 with Manurhin 816 Clever
  • Iemca Boss 338/32 with Miyano BNE 51
  • Iemca Kid 80+ with Doosan Puma TT 1500SY
  • Iemca Boss 338 HD Superfast with Nomura NN 32 YB2XB
  • Iemca Smart 320 with Tornos Swiss DT26
  • Iemca Master 80 HD with Okuma LT2000 2T2MY
  • Iemca Boss 552/44 with a bundle-magazine with Biglia B 436
  • Iemca Boss 338/32 HD with Nexturn SA 38PY

IEMCA Industry 4.0 plan

IEMCA introduced Iemca Industry 4.0 kit, already installed on 100 bar feeders in Italy. It includes: emailing and texting in the event of a machine alert; telecontrol (with camera as well); remote control; global teleassistance on all the machines’ equipment; data collection and sharing with other customer’s production chain’s machines. The new IEMCA bar feeders are 40% quicker, highly flexible and the only ones that can offer all Industry 4.0 services in plug&play mode (just power supply needed), which allows the user to benefit from the 250% hyper-amortization of the Industry 4.0 plan.



After three days of hard work, IEMCA team would like to thank you all for your cooperation and participation to IEMCA Open House 2017. See you at the next edition in 2018.