Expoziţii & Evenimente 28/04/2017

AILM "Lean 4.0 2017": Giampaolo Morandi speaker for Industry 4.0


On the occasion of the international manufacturing exhibition A&T, which will be held in Turin from May 3 to 5, AILM has organized the Conference “LEAN 4.0 2017".

In the afternoon of Friday, May 5 managers and executives will have the opportunity to share their experiences in the industry of lean production and Industry 4.0.

Giampaolo Morandi, Iemca General Manager, will present Iemca Industry 4.0 solution. Iemca has already installed 100 bar feeders equipped with the Iemca Industry 4.0 kit in Italy.

Iemca Industry 4.0 solution includes: remote alarm system via email and SMS text notifications; remote control (from cameras as well); telecommand system; global tele-assistance service on all the machines’ equipment; data collection and sharing with the customer’s production chain’s machines.

The new bar feeders are 40% faster, extremely flexible and the only ones on the market which provide a wide range of Industry 4.0 Plug&Play services, with the consequent benefit of the 250% hyper-amortization provided by the Industry 4.0 plan.

Iemca will participate at A&T Exhibition in Turin, from May 3 to 5, at H1-H3-H5 booth, Oval Lingotto.