Videó 12/11/2016

Az Ön termelékenysége növelésének idális partnere vagyunk a megújuló megoldások által! Ime, mit tettünk a Dupage( A. E.Á.)-nak.

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    MAESTRO 80 NO LIMITS at MECSPE Round, square, hexagonal bars and a productivity increase of 50%! Discover the potential of our bar feeder by asking our experts. From tomorrow you can find us at MECSPE, Hall 3 Booth C13!
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    JIMTOF 2018: It was a great success for Iemca
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    BI-MU Milano 2018 has given us many satisfactions. Relive the tradeshow on the IEMCA stand!
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    Another brand new IEMCA application is now available: the Open Access Bundle Magazine for Boss bar feeders! Achieve maximum productivity by saving space.
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    4 Production sites. 8 Branches. 550 People. More than 100.000 bar feeders installed worldwide. Just one, amazing, company.