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DN Solutions - Leader in Manufacturing Solutions: from the simplest to the most complex machining, for small or large pieces, DN SOLUTIONS offers a complete range of turning centers to meet any customer's needs.



Doosan Machine Tools is rebranding as DN SOLUTIONS as it joins the DN Automotive group, recognized as one of the leading global suppliers in the industry. This change reflects their ongoing commitment to innovation and technological focus on their sustainability and performance improvement goals.

Since its inception, DN SOLUTIONS has emerged as a leader in the global machine tools arena. Its focus on the rapidly growing market has elevated it to a prominent position, thanks to continuous product innovation, the expansion of a global distribution network, and the establishment of a strong brand. Providing precision machining technologies, DN Solutions has played a significant role in helping automotive sector companies become more competitive.

DN Solutions' CNC turning centers are considered among the best in the world in terms of quality and add value to customers' production processes. DN Solutions' turning product range includes a wide selection: compact horizontal turning centers, high-performance horizontal turning centers, multi-tasking turning centers, multi-axis horizontal turning centers, and dual-spindle horizontal turning centers. These machines feature high rigidity and precision construction, designed specifically to enhance productivity and reduce costs for customers.




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DOOSAN Turning Technology Overview

The range of DOOSAN CNC-controlled universal turning machines includes: horizontal compact turning centers, horizontal high-perfomance turning centers, multi-tasking turning centers, horizontal multi-axis turning centers, horizontal twin-spindle turning centers.

doosan lynx 2100 lathe

Horizontal Compact

  • LEO 1600
  • Lynx 2100, 2100L
  • Lynx 2100G
  • Lynx 220, 220L
  • Lynx 220G super
  • Lynx 300

Horizontal High-performance

  • PUMA GT2100
  • PUMA GT2600, GT2600L
  • PUMA GT3100, GT3100L
  • PUMA 2100, 2100L
  • PUMA 2100Y II, 2100LY II
  • PUMA 2600, 2600L, 2600/500
  • PUMA 2600Y II, 2600LY II
  • PUMA 3100, 3100L, 3100XL, 3100UL
  • PUMA 4100, 4100L, 4100XL
  • PUMA 5100, 5100L, 5100XL
  • PUMA 600, 600L, 600XL
  • PUMA 700, 700L, 700XL
  • PUMA 800, 800L, 800XL

Horizontal Multi-axis

  • PUMA TT1800SY
  • PUMA TT2500SY
  • PUMA TL2000, TL2000L
  • PUMA TL2500, TL2500L


  • PUMA MX1600, MX1600/735
  • PUMA MX2100, MX2100L
  • PUMA MX2600T
  • PUMA SMX2600
  • PUMA SMX3100, 3100L

Horizontal Twin Spindle

  • PUMA TW2100, TW2100-GL130, TW2100-GL180
  • PUMA HT230T, HT230TG
  • PUMA H310T, QL300H
  • PUMA TW2600, TW2600-GL


Get the best from your DN SOLUTIONS lathe by choosing IEMCA

caricatore di barre monomandrino iemca boss 552



The BOSS 552 HD is an automatic bar feeder for bars with diameters between 5 and 51 mm, ideal for both fixed and sliding headstock lathes, available for bar lengths from 700 to 6,380 mm.

caricatore di barre monomandrino fantina fissa iemca maestro 80

Productivity, Flexibility, Ergonomics


The MAESTRO 80 is an automatic bar feeder able to support bars from 10 to 80 mm ideal to work with fixed headstock lathes. For those who require high performances combined with flexibility.

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