Discover all the exhibitors of Iemca Open House 2017

Tool holders for lathes
ALGRA is a technologically innovative company which manufactures tool holders for CNC lathes. Algra products are distributed by Bucci Industries Group via its subsidiaries in France, USA, Brazil and Italy.
Industrial lubricants
AVIA companies (under a common brand), supply and manage the largest network of petrol stations in Switzerland. They have a high quality, complete range of lubricants: from motor vehicle lubricants to products for industrial use.
BIGLIA is the leading Italian manufacturer of CNC lathes and turning centers, thanks to the reliability and the quality of their products guaranteed by the use of state-of-the-art components and the accuracy of all the manufacturing process' phases. Iemca BOSS 552 with bundle magazine has been chosen for B436-Y2. Thank you BIGLIA for joining us at Iemca Open House 2017.
Thanks to its lathes fast and easy to use, CITIZEN offers highly flexible solutions to satisfy all the customers' needs. You can see Iemca ELITE 112/32 (perfect for thin bars) installed on the sliding headstock lathe Cincom R04/07. Thank you CITIZEN MACCHINE ITALIA for joining us at Iemca Open House 2017.
NLX 2500 SY/700
According to DMG MORI philosophy, a state-of-the-art lathe shall be highly productive, flexible and easy to use. These characteristics describe NLX 2500 SY/700 with Iemca MASTER 80 HF. Thank you DMG MORI for joining us at Iemca Open House 2017.
DOOSAN offers a wide range of turning centers characterized by high precision, rigidity, speed and an ergonomic panel. You can see Iemca KID 80+ installed on PUMA TT 1500SY. Thank you OVERMACH for joining us at Iemca Open House 2017.
XD 20V
HANWHA sliding headstock lathe are characterized by an easy and quick setup and ensure maximum precision and exteme accuracy. Iemca BOSS 338 Superfast is the perfect solution for the XD 20V exposed. Thank you UTIMAC for joining us at Iemca Open House 2017.
Cutting tools
ISCAR is the world leader in the manufacture of cutting tools. Iscar products are innovative and exclusive for chip removal, in all industrial sectors.
K’MX 816 Clever
MANURHIN K'MX is the first automatic lathe manufacturer to produce numerically controlled lathes. You can find its sliding headstock lathe K'MX 816 Clever with an Iemca SMART 320/32. Thank you MANURHIN K'MX for joining us at Iemca Open House 2017.
BNE 51
MIYANO's strenght lies in the accuracy, stability and long lasting of its lathes. You can see Iemca BOSS 552 installed on the innovative, fixed headstock lathe BNE 51. Thank you CITIZEN MACCHINE ITALIA for joining us at Iemca Open House 2017.
NEXTURN's machines are easy to use and they are characterized by security and flexibility in the tool change and built with high quality components. You can find a SA 38PY with Iemca BOSS 338/32 Superfast. Thank you MACCHINE UTENSILI ALMA for joining us at Iemca Open House 2017.
NN 32YB2
NOMURA manufactures machine tools and related equipment, known worlwide for extreme rigidity and process stability, and for the longevity of the products. You can see Iemca BOSS 338 Superfast with a Nomura NN32YB2. Thank you SE.RI for joining us at Iemca Open House 2017.
LT2000 2T2MY
Shorter time for supply and configuration and supporting surfaces used in an efficient way: OKUMA increases production capacity and reduces waiting times. Iemca MASTER is exposed with an Okuma lathe.  Thank you CELADA GROUP for joining us at Iemca Open House 2017.
SR-20 IV
STAR MICRONICS produces automatic lathes focusing on quality with above-average service and communication at all levels. Its SR-20 IV is exposed at Iemca Open House with an Iemca ELITE 220/32. Thank you CELADA GROUP for joining us at Iemca Open House 2017.
Swiss DT26
TORNOS manufactures single-spindle and multi-spindle lathes characterized by high precision, productivity and longevity. You will find exposed an Iemca SMART 320/32 installed on a Swiss DT26. Thank you TORNOS for joining us at Iemca Open House 2017.  
BW 208 E
TSUGAMI lathes are recognized worldwide for accuracy, speed and solidity. You can see BW 208 E with BOSS 338 Superfast, the best-selling bar feeder in the world. Thank you IMU SpA for joining us at Iemca Open House 2017.