Pioneers in turning technology since 1880: your partner for high-quality single-spindle lathes


TORNOS offers a wide range of solutions for precision turning, from micromechanics to the production of large-sized components.

The Swiss company specializes in single-spindle sliding headstock lathes, but also produces multi-spindle lathes. TORNOS machines guarantee maximum precision and quality in the production of components of any size and complexity, capable of satisfying all the operator's needs.

TORNOS offers single-spindle lathes that can meet every customer need, especially automatic sliding headstock lathes for the mass production of small parts.




caricatore di barre iemca per centri di tornitura tornio a fantina mobile tornos


TORNOS solutions for bar turning: single-spindle, sliding headstock lathes

TORNOS offers a complete range of solutions to meet any production requirement in precision turning. TORNOS is a leader in the production of automatic sliding headstock or swiss-type lathes dedicated to micromechanics, for maximum precision and accuracy in the machining of small diameter parts.

tornos sliding headstock lathe ct20

SwissDECO Series

  • SwissDECO 36

EvoDECO Series

  • EvoDECO 10/10
  • EvoDECO 10/8
  • EvoDECO 16/10
  • EvoDECO 20
  • EvoDECO 32

SwissNano Series

  • SwissNano 4
  • SwissNano 7
  • SwissNano 10

Swiss GT Series

  • Swiss GT 32
  • Swiss GT 32B (B-axis)
  • Swiss GT 26
  • Swiss GT 26B (B-axis)
  • Swiss GT 13

Swiss DT Series

  • Swiss DT 26 HP
  • Swiss DT 26 S
  • Swiss DT 13 HP
  • Swiss DT 13 S
  • Swiss DT 32 HP
  • Swiss DT 38 HP