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download the certificate (pdf)
download the certificate (pdf)
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Continuing along the path of quality, IEMCA has obtained the Quality Management System Certification in accordance with ISO 9001 : 2008. The certificate was issued by top-rated certification institute DNV.
IEMCA is one of the first company in the bar feeding sector to gain this prestigious recognition. As ever focused on the achievement of high standards of quality and flexibility, IEMCA sees its Quality Management System as an indispensable competitive tool to obtain continuous improvement through the definition of a series of preset goals subject to periodic monitoring. The aspects that formed the central theme for the achievement of quality certification were:

  • customer satisfaction;
  • supplier management (analysis of non-conformities and promptness of deliveries);
  • monitoring of delivery times;
  • monitoring of internal and after-sales fault reporting.
By this certification, IEMCA has proven once again that the high level of quality perceived by its customers is no accident; it is in fact the result of the commitment and determination of the entire team, focused on achieving excellence in the end product through the application of a series of clearly-defined and unequivocal strategies.
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