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 Boss 552 HD
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The Boss line, which accounts for over 30.000 working units all over the world, has been further improved in order to define the market standard once again.
The Iemca BOSS 552 HD is an automatic barfeeder able to machine bars from 5 to 51 mm; it’s ideal to work either with swiss type machines or with fixed headstock lathes. It’s available to load bar lengths from 1 meter to 6 meters. It guarantees maximum reliability with no compromises: the continous improvement made to this product, the attention to the smallest details, and over 20 years of history has driven the Boss line to set the market standard in every working application.
  • The bar changeover time of 18 seconds (in standard conditions) turns out to be the lowest on the market.
  • The dual feed system strongly contains the size of the barfeeder.
  • The idle time for engagement and disengagement of the synchronism is reduced up to 0,0" (compatibly with the barfeeder characteristics).
  • The mechanical syncro device ties the barfeeder rigidly to the lathe regardless of the headstock speed or the bar thinness. Also in this case you will not have to compromise.
  • The new Boss HD (Heavy Duty) structure guarantees that the barfeeder absorbs a larger quantity of vibration from the bar in rotation (even over 60%) shielding the lathe headstock.
  • The user interface is user friendly, very handy and ensures limited times in the phases of machine retooling.
  • The front bushing holder device allows a fast change of the front half-bushings at every working change
  • It is available as optional a new 7" touch screen operator interface capable of:
    - facilitate the operator in the machine control activities through the innovative graphic interface;
    - store the working programs and easily recall them in case of needs;
    - operate the barfeeder from the lathe operator panel.
  • The use of a "BRUSHLESS" motor ensures the control on the bar speed, the torque value and the bar feeding position.
  • The single rack magazine is fitted with a device to quickly select the working diameter of the bars and is equipped with devices that allows an easy and quick bar loading.
  • It is available as optional the tool box, to store accessories for the equipping as original collets, split bushings, guide channels etc.
  • To ensure the maximum performance are advised accessories and spare parts branded Iemca.
Technical specification
Round bars Ø 5 - 51 mm
Hexagonal bars 5 - 43 mm
Square bars 5 - 36 mm
Magazine capacity n.28 bars Ø 10 mm
Maximum bar weight 55 Kg
Bar changing time 18 sec (for length 3200mm)
Remnant length L=21: 295mm
L=32, 37, 44: 400mm (optional 700mm)
Feed speed 750 mm/sec. (adjustable)
Return speed 1200 mm/sec. (adjustable)
Feed voltage 230/400 volt
Installed power 2 KW
Compressed air 8 bar
Bar feeder weight Ver. 21 - 620 Kg
  Ver. 32 - 835 Kg
  Ver. 37 - 900 Kg
  Ver. 44 - 980 Kg
 Bar magazine can be located on either side
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